Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tupac: The Man, The Legend, And His Hip-Hop Legacy

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The entire hip-hop world mourned when Tupac Shakur died. Even those who were born after his demise carry the stain of grief. Many music experts hail Tupac as a genius of his generation and consider him one of – if not, the – most important rapper to date.

It is important then to recognize his contributions to the genre.

He was real: What is music but the expression of our emotions? Naturally, the way we communicate what we feel can vary, but music is a good way to do it. That said, each genre has its own vibe, its own feel. Hip-hop is about rawness. It is about going deep into your soul and saying what life is really like. It’s not a dramatic appeal for pity. Tupac epitomized the rawness of his life, while still making very catchy tunes.

He was a poet: Few people know that before Tupac began his work as a rapper, he was a student at the Baltimore School of Performing Arts. He loved Shakespeare and appreciated the written word. His songs were a poetry of its own kind. This also cemented him a musical icon; his songs were more stories than anything.

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He expanded the genre: Hip-hop was notorious for just talking about difficult topics, yet Tupac used the medium to talk about his social work. The song “Dear Mama,” which he dedicated to his mother, provided the inspiration for the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation that supports young artists today. He showed that no matter the medium, messages can be delivered effectively and powerfully.

It is a shame that he was murdered more than two decades ago, but Tupac has left a timeless legacy of his greatness. He will be remembered forever.

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A Few Tips To Prevent Shoulder Injury When Swimming

Swimming is considered a low-impact sport. That is, it is an exercise that can be enjoyed by practically anyone. It is the sport for those who are struggling with weight loss or with physical impairments. That said, swimming still carries with it inherent risks. One of the more common challenges for swimmers is shoulder injuries. It is usually an incorrect technique that contributes to the pain. To prevent shoulder injuries, swimming enthusiasts suggest the following tips:

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Keep correct hand placement in the water: It doesn’t seem like it, but swimmers rely heavily on their arms for movement and positioning. Hand pitches should be done with the fingers entering first with a flat or slightly extended hand. Many beginners enter the water with their thumbs first, which can eventually lead to acute pain from overuse.

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Correct upper body posture: Upper body posture is essential for preventing shoulder injury. Unfortunately, poor posture is often a result of daily life activities. This can be improved with daily shoulder and chest flexibility exercises. As a rule of thumb, correct posture follows this phrasing: "shoulders back, chest forward."

Being aware of body rotation: The body should be symmetrical when horizontal. This is the most essential tip to preventing shoulder injury. The body should be flat with limited rotation. When the arms are raised, the spine should be kept straight and aligned. Excessive swinging actions not only tire the swimmer faster but potentially leads to injury.

Another important tip is to practice bilateral breathing, which calls for deep breaths taken on both sides.

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